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Questions on Mobile devices based on the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Core 1 objectives from 1.0 to 1.7

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Category: Mobile Devices

Which display technology creates images by shining a light through liquid crystals?

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Category: Mobile Devices

What is the fundamental use of the power converter/adapter on your laptop charger?

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Category: Mobile Devices

Which part of a computer is used with older display technology to convert DC power to AC power?

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Category: Mobile Devices

A mobile device that is primarily used to help track how many steps you have walked during the day

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Category: Mobile Devices

A co-worker Sally, working at Your Dream Website comes and asks you to suggest a mobile device that is useful for reading books on the go? Which device would you suggest from the following?

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Category: Mobile Devices

Which two SATA based formats does a laptop SSD come in?

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Category: Mobile Devices

One of the employee Daryl, working at Your Dream Website is back from vacation, but cannot find his company’s given laptop when he gets back to the office. According to him he had left the laptop on the desk, powered off and disconnected from the network. It appears that the laptop has been stolen. What could Daryl have done to prevent his laptop from being physically stolen?

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Category: Mobile Devices

Chang is having a problem with his new work laptop. He let his children play on the laptop when he went home yesterday after work, and ever since then, the display has been showing up much darker, making it hard to read. What can Paul try adjusting on his laptop to fix this issue?

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Category: Mobile Devices

Which mobile communications technology allows two portable devices to communicate wirelessly at a range of about 2 inches, supports encryption, and is becoming a very popular mode of sending payments using a smartphone?

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