Hardware – Exam 1

Hardware - Exam 2

One of the student studying in Your Dream Website asks for an explanation on the chipset. Which of the following answer that you give is correct?
You are in the process of installing a motherboard in a system case. Which of the following objects should you place between the motherboard and the system case?
An apprentice working at Your Dream Website is studying for the A+ exam and asks you to summarize the function of a BIOS. Which of the following is the correct suggestion by you.
While reading the manual of a motherboard, you find out that it uses an F CPU socket. Which manufacturer's CPUs can be used in this motherboard?
What is the advantage of purchasing a motherboard with integrated graphics and audio?
What is the primary function of a Motherboard's chipset
You are working as Senior A+ technician at Your Dream Website, one of your Junior A+ technician comes to you and asks that he wants to replace a dual core processor with a new quad processor on a motherboard but is not sure what to do first. You suggest that he should first do one of the following
A friend of yours runs a flash BIOS after reading on the internet that flashing BIOS would make her old computer work faster. The computer does not start after the Flash BIOS, what went wrong?
An embedded software inside a chipset is called
A new student apprentice working at Your Dream Website just replaced the old motherboard with a brand new one for one of the employee working at Your Dream Website computer. The computer does not start. What is the first thing that you suggest to the new student apprentice
Hardware - Exam 2
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