Mobile Devices – Exam 3

1. Which of the following are technologies that enable wireless mobile connectivity? (Multiple answers)


2. Which of the following falls under the classification of wearable technology devices? (multiple answers required)


3. The process of establishing a connection between Bluetooth devices (e.g. between a Bluetooth enabled headset and a Bluetooth-enabled phone) is known as:


4. PRI is designed to be used in an ISDN environment. Select the all the features that describes PRI.


5. Which of the following is a short distance, line-of-sight technology used in products such as home remote controls?


6. Which of the following devices offers the fewest amount of options for hardware upgrades that can be installed by a device user?


7. Which of the following allows a mobile device to share its Internet connection with other devices?


8. A Security feature that is used in paring Bluetooth devices is called


9. Mobile devices can include the followings ports (Select 2 answers)


10. Commonly used Portable devices that combines the capabilities of mobile phones and handheld PCs are commonly called:


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