Mobile Devices – Exam 2

1. Which mobile accessory allows users the option of plugging in an adapter to a smartphone, which gives them the ability to process payments?


2. Which laptop feature allows you to illuminate the keyboard in areas that are dark or have little light?


3. What type of battery is commonly found in newer brands of laptops today?


4. Lee, a project manager at Your Dream Website is working late on an office project and, all of a sudden, the batteries die in his wireless mouse he had connected to his laptop. He has never used the touchpad, but now that he is out of batteries, he does not have a choice. When Jeff attempts to use the touch pad, he notices that he does not get any movement on the screen. What does Jeff need to do to fix this issue?


5. Which display technology works great for laptops, but can also be more expensive than alternatives?


6. Which of the following device is used for tracking a location or navigating to a particular destination?


7. Which type of connector is proprietary to Apple and can be plugged into your phone in any direction?


8. What type of accessory can be used in place of an on-board optical drive for smaller and cheaper Laptops?


9. Which type of memory allows you to add extra storage space to your mobile phone, but cannot be used on an Apple device?


10. What type of adapter could you plug into your laptop to provide an additional port for an ethernet connection?


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