7 Reasons for getting A+ Certified

aplus practice test

There could be hundreds of reasons for an aspiring IT Professional to pursue a globally recognized A+ Certification of which some are mentioned below.

  1. CompTIA A+ Certification opens the door to advanced IT Jobs
  2. Employers feel comfortable hiring you when they see your A+ Certification
  3. A+ Certification serves as the stepping stone for other advanced certifications such as Network+, Security+, Server+ and other Certifications from Microsoft and Cisco
  4. Certified A+ Technicians can even start their own IT Support businesses, although higher certifications are still recommended
  5. Their are no prerequisites to write A+ Certification exams
  6. The A+ Certification is vendor neutral which gives you the option to explore broader job market
  7. CompTIA A+ Certification enhances your troubleshooting skills as you learn to fix a wide variety of hardware and software issues

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